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 FAO of French-Australian dual-nationals who are not fluent in French

The team Français en Australie (French in Australia) recognises that many dual-nationals have a limited command of French for the simple reason that they have grown up in Australia, their country of birth, and have been educated in a system that offers little opportunity to learn French.

We encourage those dual-nationals who are on the French electoral roll to exercise their right to vote. In our view, it is the best way – the only way – for the French expatriate community to have official representatives able to engage in advocacy tasks in dealings with French authorities.

In Australia, five conseillers consulaires will be elected on 25 May 2014. Voting is not compulsory and votes can be cast in person, by proxy and by internet. The position of conseiller consulaire is essentially unpaid apart from a small allowance to cover expenses that are directly relevant to the discharge of official duties.

Français en Australie is a list of candidates under the leadership – in Sydney – of Bernard Le Boursicot, a successful entrepreneur and self-made man and – in Melbourne – of Danièle Kemp, a well-known media personality who was for a longtime head of French programs at SBS Radio.The retiring Melbourne-based elected French official Jeannine Sandmayeris endorsing our team by her being formally in the list of candidates. Discover our candidates here.

We represent the civil society. Most of us have a professional background in business and the professions. All of us have settled permanently in Australia whose values and culture we clearly share and support with a French touch. At the same time, we have maintained our French identity, links with France, our country of birth or ancestry, and our rights arising from French nationality and citizenship of the European Union.

Our team has been endorsed by two major national parties, UMP & UDI, currently in opposition to the French socialist government.

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